Frontline Plus for Dogs

Watching your furry pal plagued with teaks and fleas and itching continuously can be really painful. These parasites can trouble your dog real bad, pose serious health hazards and can also make the pets dirty. And that is the reason why dogs need routine protection against ticks and fleas. One of the most popular flea treatment products for dogs is Frontline Plus, a Merial product.

Frontline Plus for Dogs is a monthly topical flea and tick medicine and is one of the least toxic of all the tick and flea medications. It gives amazing results and starts killing fleas and ticks within an hour of application. It also destroys the flea eggs and prevents recurrence of fleas for one complete month.

frontline image
How to Use Frontline Plus for Dogs
Frontline Plus is very easy to use. Simply apply the medicine between your dog's shoulder blades and it spreads out on its own. The new thing about this medicine is that it seeps into the oil glands and continually kill fleas, ticks, lice and other biting insects at all stages of their development – from eggs to larvae to adult.
Each application of Frontline Plus will last for 30 days. Another huge benefit of using Frontline Plus for Dogs is that this medicine is waterproof- meaning your dog can continue bathing, grooming and even swimming without worrying about the medicine being washed off.

There are four different types of this medication as per your dog's weight. Be sure to buy the right dose of Frontline Plus for dogs to ensure that your dog gets complete flea and tick relief all year long.


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