Cosequin For Dogs

Cosequin is a dietetic supplement for dogs to maintain and support healthy joints. It is used to treat arthritis and other painful joint conditions related to old age or injury in your pet. Consequin is regarded as one of the finest and the best veterinarian-recommended treatments for joint health and support. With a combination of glucosamine and chondroitin it not only alleviates joint pain but also repairs and resorts the joint functioning in your dog.

Regular use of Cosequin has multiple benefits – it helps in maintaining joint and connective tissue health, supports cartilage production and stops further cartilage breakdown.

Cosequin contains glucosamine, a natural compound that is found in the body of every healthy dog. Glucosamine keeps the joints and cartilage healthy which in turn protects the pet’s joints while exercising and other activities. No pet parent would like to see their dog in pain and Consequin is the best and the most vital diet supplement that you can offer your pet for a healthy and active life as your old age is starting affecting your dog's mobility and improve their arthritis and joint condition symptoms.


With rare side effects that usually accompany regular prescription drugs it is available in regular strength capsules and double strength capsules. The double strength is ideal for larger breed dogs while the regular strength works great for smaller dogs. Available in soft chews, chewable tablets and capsules Cosequin come is a flavor that all dogs love. Get Consequin and you will soon have an active and happy dog.


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