5 Dog Grooming Products You Must Add to Your Grooming Kit

A clean and good looking dog definitely adds to your pride and there are a lot of useful products which can help you do it yourself. Even if you can afford taking them to a groomer, every week, a regular home regime helps to keep the shine of your dog’s coat intact as well as check skin-irritations. It also helps to make the bond with your little friend stronger. Here are a few dog grooming supplies at your help:

  1. Andis 2-Speed EasyClip Pet Nail Grinder

Gone are the days when you needed to struggle hard to trim the nails of your dog at comfortable length. This particular nail grinder comes with a rotating head and files and shapes the nails of your pet minimizing the danger of cutting the paw in hurry.

  1. MalAcetic Shampoo

To enhance a pleasant smell in the body of your pet, this acetic acid/boric acid shampoo serves as an ultimate solution. This crystal clear shampoo contains no preservatives and removes soaps, dirt, dandruff and other residues.

  1. FURminator deShedding Tool

Loose hair of the dog is something none of us can easily get used to. To tackle this messy situation, this deshedding tool can be much help. It comes with both short and long hair deshedding edge. The stainless steel deshedding edge helps to reach deep under the long topcoat of your dog and removes the undercoat and loose hair.

  1. Pet Head Paw and Body Wipes

For the busy dog owners, this convenient dispenser holds 50 orange scented wipes with hypoallergenic formula. For instant wiping after walks or short outings, this easy to use wipes can be of great need.

  1. Bio-Groom Pro-White Grooming Powder

This grooming powder helps to absorb extra oil and moisture from your pet’s body. It helps to clean, deodorize and texturize all the coats. Non-toxic, non-irritating and safe this powder is needed for soiled or urine-wet coats.


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