Here is What You Should Not Miss to Know if You Have Adopted a Puppy

Who doesn’t like to enjoy the company of the cute, furry new member of the family. After all no one can beat the truth that they are overpowered with innocence. But, these innocence little souls do not know how to cry when they are hungry, unlike human babies. So, they need special care and a caring heart to take care of their needs. While it is easy to take care of the mature pets, as you get used to their habits, it is difficult to address the issues of the little ones , unless you observe them closely.

Are the nutritional needs of the puppies different?

The growing puppies need healthy food as their bone and muscles are building day by day. Similarly, their organs are also growing fast. While adult dogs get used to a particular food habit and know how to look for food, these young ones, are totally unaware of this.

What is the right age to start feeding solid food

If they are not getting all the required nutritional benefits from their mother’s milk, they should start getting solid foods from around 4 weeks. However, if they are seen healthy enough, they can be given solid food at sixth week.

What is a high-quality puppy food

It is important to note that for the first six months of a puppy’s life, nutritional needs keep changing. So, there is almost no chance to afford an error. So, consulting your vet would be the best idea. However, Sportmix puppy food and Sportmix Wholesome are two varieties, manufactured with utmost care to provide care to your puppy’s hair coat and skin. The nutrient-rich formula of its puppy food contains chicken and fish protein, mixed with enhanced leave of vitamins and minerals, which help to develop the teeth, bones, and muscles during the fast growth stage of their life.


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