Why And When Does a Dog Need Glucosamine

It is sad for the dog owners to see their dearest pet growing older and slowing down day by day. But, the actions of your dog, which you are considering as the aging sign, can be visible because of its joint pain. It is the reason why your dog may lose interest in moving around. Here, the dog parents should keep it in mind that a regular exercise is very much required to maintain healthy muscles, joints and bones.

However, if your dog still faces problem despite maintaining a regular fitness regime, it might be suffering from the deficiency of Glucosamine. It is a natural substance, found in the body of your pet with the highest concentration in healthy cartilage tissues. This glucosamine produces glycosaminoglycan in your dog’s body. Glycosaminoglycan helps to form and repair tissues such as cartilage. As your dog starts aging, the natural production of glucosamine starts slowing down. On the other hand the constant wear and tear on the joints of your dog along with the slow repairing pace of the cartilage, gives birth to painful arthritis.

Fortunately, the supply of supplements of glucosamine for dogs is capable of rebuilding cartilage. It can also help to restore the joint function of your dog as well boost the activity levels.

What are the benefits glucosamine for dogs

  • Glucosamine is able to help reduce the pain of your dog because of its anti-inflammatory effect
  • It hardly has any side effect
  • Naturally restores the joint health and helps to increase mobility
  • Improve lubrication in the joints of your dog

Lambert Vet Supply has a good range of glucosamine supplement which you can rely on without much worry. Talk to your vet first before you finalize on any of the supplements.


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