The Role of Antibiotics in Pet Diseases

As a curious and caring pet lover, you might be interested to know if the antibiotics work differently on your pet. To this, experts have opined, it works in the same manner as the ones human beings consume for themselves. The range of medications under the category of antibiotic fights fungal as well as bacterial infections.

Why are Antibiotics used

Antibiotics are often used to treat a wide variety of diseases. They are also used to heal the injury along with other methods of treatment. Suppose an animal has got some injury or wound, in that case the vet might prescribe antibiotics alongside the surgical or medical treatment to stop the growth of infection. Antibiotics are also used to check bacterial infection. But, antibiotics cannot fight against viral diseases like common coughs and cold.

How to use antibiotics

Without proper consultation with your vet, you should not give antibiotics to your pets. Make sure you are giving the correct dosage and your pet is also taking the medicine without failure. Always keep it in mind that some of the antibiotics might have allergic impact in humans. So, it is advised to wear gloves while handling the medication. Also, do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly after using the medicine.

Side effects of antibiotics

Mostly pets are able to tolerate antibiotics and your vet will also prescribe them after proper examination. But, it is your responsibility to provide your vet has a complete history of your pet’s health. You should always keep an eye on your pet’s health when they are under medication. In case you get to notice any symptoms of vomiting or diarrhoea in your pet, do not forget to inform your vet immediately.

It is also observed that nowadays, zillions of online pet stores are selling pet antibiotics, which actually saves our time and money. But, do not forget to check the credibility of the store before you buy pet antibiotics online. Always avoid the stores which do not ask for doctor’s prescription while placing order for pet medicines.


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