Some Useful Tips to Use Milk Replacers for Puppies

For a new born, the love of its mother has no substitute. And the milk it gets to drink from its mother provides with best of energies. But, sometimes it is seen that a pup mother fails to feed its new born due to its biological reasons or its unavailability at that period of time. In such a situation the puppy can still grow up healthy, if it is taken care of properly. These days, a wide range of commercial puppy milk replacer is helping the dog parents to take proper care of their pups.

Feeding a puppy with bottle

First of all one should try to nurse their puppies under the real dog mother. At least for the first few days, try to help the new born to get some nourishment from its mother. The milk of a dog mother contains substances to protect the health of new born puppies. Whenever you decide to switch to bottle feeding, always go for a milk replacer or a milk replacer plus, made particularly for puppies. Make sure you are not feeding cow’s milk, goat’s milk or human infant formula to your puppy. (It is true that some of the milk replacers for puppies may contain similar ingredients.)

If you are picking the replacer for a new born, check the label of milk replacers to find out the suggested serving size. Feed your puppy(s) while it is lying on its stomach. Try to give them the natural feel of feeding on mother’s milk. Make sure you are feeding your growing puppies multiple times a day, and regularly weigh them three times a week to check if they are hitting their growth milestones.

While transitioning from bottle to the bowl

As you understand that it is the right time for your puppy to transition from bottle to bowl, gradually you can pour the milk replacer into the bowl. This is also the time when you would start feeding solid food to your puppy. Always go for the food which is made for the pup and not the adult ones. Be extra careful about the serving sizes.


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