Where to Buy Prescription Medication for Dogs

No matter how technologically advanced we have grown, finding the right stop to buy your pets medicines is challenging. Some of the online pet pharmacies practice unethical methods sending expire medicines while many of them replace the ordered medicines. But, at Lambert Vet Supply (LVS), you will be able to find a wide range of products to keep your pet healthy and happy. Owned and operated by the clinical veterinarians, Lambert Vet Supply is definitely a leading source of pet medicines, with majorly focusing on cats and dogs.

Lamberts Vet Supply Features:

  • Antibiotic medicines for dogs: LVS has a full line of high quality antibiotic medication for dogs including Betagen, Terramycin, Trizchlor, Clavamox, Minocycline, Amoxicilling and many others.
  • Dewormer for dogs: Panacur, Nemex, Drontal, Safeguard, Homeo Pet are some of the best dewormer available in LVS.
  • Antiseptic for dogs: Vital Chlor, Oratene, Etiderm Shampoo, Vital Hypoallergenic Shampoo, Calm Coat Benzoyl, Keto-Tris Flush and some more.
  • Urinary Tract Medication for Dogs: It is indeed a crucial task to find out a reliable medicine for your dog’s urinary tract infection. LVS supplies medicines like Homeo Pet Feline UTI+, Methigel, Crananidin and some more on recommendation by the vet.
  • Mouth and Dental Medication for Dogs: To maintain the hygiene of your dog’s mouth, you can choose your pick from a long list of medicines. Oravet, Petz Life, Vet’s Best, Greenies, Dentees Stars, Breatha Lyser are some of the best picks in this category.
  • Pain Medicines for Dogs: You can shop the best of the medicines available for dog’s pain from LVS. Glyco Flex, Rimadyl, Cosequin are some of the most renowned medicines that fight against diseases like arthritis and joint pain.

Now that you know about the availability of pet’s food in LVS, you can rely on us for any suggestion you need from pet pharmacists. You can follow the blogs for extended information on your dog’s specific health concerns.


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