How to Deal With Heartworm and Other External Parasites

For their faithful nature and exceptional love for their masters, dogs are naturally very close to human beings. But, often these domestic pets gets infected by a wide range of worms like fleas and ticks. Hence, it is the responsibility of a dog parent to ensure their dog is safe and in good health.

To help you check this infection Pfizer Animal Health has come up with an effective treatment which is safe yet deals with external parasites. Revolution, as is called, is a monthly treatment that works hard on heartworm infection.

Revolution has Selamectin that helps to kill and prevent external parasites. It has the ability to deal with multiple parasites with low risk of side effects in comparison to other preventive treatments available in the market. Let us have a look at the outstanding benefits of using Revolution for dogs:

  • It is cheaper than other parasite preventing treatments. In other treatments, one needs to opt for separate treatments for heartworm and fleas and ticks, but Revolution is able to remove heartworm as well as external parasites.
  • It is quite easy to administer in dogs. You need to simply spread the shoulder hair of your dog and apply the ointment. Due to its water proof property, you don’t have to stop your dog from going in the water.
  • Can be administered easily on dogs and pups of at least 6 weeks age and apparently has no side effects on pregnant and lactating dogs.
  • Within 36 hours of administration it has the ability to kill 98% of adult fleas along with immature heartworms.

There are plethora of benefits of applying this treatment, but it is always advised to seek advice from your vet before you start applying it on your pet.


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