Know How to Make Your Lazy Cat Active and Cheerful

If you are a working cat person and unable to find enough time to play around with her, probability is very high that you might feel guilty because of her increasing weight. Even though it is true that cats possess a very high metabolism which is able to work even if they laze around, they would still require to continue with their physical activity to save them from sedentary life and obesity.

Unfortunately, unlike dogs, cats cannot be taken out for a stroll tying with the end of a leash. Well, a few of us, who are strict enough, can probably take them out of their cozy kitten bed at the dawn and compel them to remain active since kitten-hood, many of us fail to do so. But, playing with your cat is undoubtedly a great form  of encouragement , all you need to know how to trigger their hunting instinct.

Why should your cat exercise

Activity is required for our cats as it helps to maintain a healthy body weight. It also helps to keep the muscle of your cat strong and toned along with keeping her mind active and alert. Exercise is also another way to strengthen the bond between the owner and the cat. Every day if you are spending 10 to 15 minutes with your cat to keep it engaged in some form of activity, it will help her to remain energized throughout the day.

How to engage her in activities

There are multiple ways to involve your cat in activities that are less tiring yet fruitful. You can get her a wonderful cat treat toy which will not only keep her engaged in works, but help her to gobble up some tasty treats too. These toys are able to engage the curiosity and hunting instincts of your cat to find out the hidden treats from the puzzling toys.


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