Here is What You Need to do If Your Dog Looks Stressed

Have you shifted your base recently or is it time for massive fireworks? Then there is a huge chance of your dog getting paranoid. Suddenly, it might start behaving destructive which includes marking or urinating in the house and limitless barking. In such a situation, as a parent you need to calm down and read this article to save your dog from the stressful situation.

Why do they behave weird

Just like us, dogs do take time to acclimatize to the newly introduced environment. In a new home, mostly their routine gets changed and above all things do not sound, smell or look familiar to them. In some cases they don’t get the similar toys and it adds to their anxiety. In other situations like during fireworks, they get afraid of the unusual sound of the firecrackers, which is completely different from the natural sound of thunderstorm. As a result, your stressed companion, might start running from the noise and failing to do so, it might fall sick.

How you can help them to get relieved

When they look stressed, it is a particular type of pheromone that helps them calm down. There is an organ called vomeronasal between the nose and mouth of your dog which receives these pheromones. The ones called calming and appeasing pheromones help to relieve stressed dogs. Pet pheromone products like Adaptil mimic natural dog pheromones and is available in various forms like collar, spray, plug-in diffuser and wipes.

How does Adaptil Diffuser work

Adaptil Diffuser is a kind of discrete plug-in which is able to bathe your home in a synthetic copy of the ‘canine appeasing pheromone’. It is a natural product which is able to appease both little puppies as well adult dogs.


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