Here is a Way to Stop Your Cat From Urinating

If you think you have tamed the wilderness of your cat, you are probably mistaken. They feel an instinctive urge to mark their territory by leaving their scent. While in most of the cases, the marking is done through harmless scratching or rubbing, the instances of urinating is also very common and this is what creates the actual mess. If you don’t stop your cat it will pee anywhere in the house and make your entire home smell like litter box. If you want to clean your cat’s pee, it can instantly wet the crystallized proteins, found in its urine and rather reactive the odor. So, instead of getting upset about this behavior of your cat, you can try to teach him not to pee or take some measures to stop her peeing.

  1. Make sure the soiled area is cleaned thoroughly. Avoid using strong smelling cleaners. Because it might instigate your cat to over mark the spot.
  2. You can also try to make the soiled areas inaccessible or unattractive. If you fail to do so, try to change the significance of those places to your pet. Feed, treat and if needed play with your cat in the same area where your pet loves to mark.
  3. Objects which may cause marking, should be placed out of reach. If there is a new guest in your house or a new purchase in your house, try to keep them in a cabinet or a closet.
  4. Your cat should not get a chance to go to the windows and doors to observe the outside animals.
  5. Your vet may prescribe a short course of anti-anxiety medication if your cat is feeling anxious.
  6. You can also get comfort zone diffuser with Feliway for cats. The uniquely designed Comfort Zone Feliway is free of odor and contains no drug. It is proven to be effective to calm down cats to feel safe in their environments.

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