Benefits and Side Effects of Duralactin Canine

Duralactin is beneficial for the pets suffering from inflammation. It is a type of supplement which is particularly needed for dogs affected by arthritis. It prevents the damage of tissues in the pet’s body. Therefore, it is able to keep your dog healthy and ensure his overall well being. Duralactin is helpful to fight against spinal injury, arthritis, joint degenerative disorders, hips pain, and spondylosis.

What does Duralactin contain

Duralactin is made of MicroLactin, a type of protein extracted from the milk of hyper immunized cows. Apart from Microlactin, Duralactine Canine contains stearic acid, dextrose, magnesium stearate and other artificial flavors in very small quantities. The ingredients used to formulate supplement for dogs are slightly different from the ones used in cats supplements. So, it is advised to go for the one specifically made for dogs.

The benefits of Duralactin

Duralactin is often preferred over other corticosteroid drugs or non-steroidal anti inflammatory medications as it doesn’t cause any long term side effect. This product doesn’t assist any cyclo-oxygenase inhibiting aactivity and is beneficial for dogs suffering from musculoskeletal disorders. In some pets, corticosteroid drugs are contraindicated, hence Duralactin is prescribed as a safer alternative.

Side Effects

Dogs are not as hypersensitive to milk products as cats are, in some cases signs of vomiting are seen in them. Instances of diarrhea and symptoms of gastrointestinal intolerance are also reported. Although the tablets are safe in dogs of all breeds, it is always advised to administer the supplements according to the instructions of vet to avoid overdosing. In case of overdose, severe symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders may appear.

Dosage and how to administer

It should be administered after consultation with vet. Always follow the instructions. As a general guideline it is said that dogs weighing less than 40lbs requires half a tablet twice a day. Dogs that weigh between 40lb and 80lbs should be given 1 tablet two times a day. Dogs that weigh between 81 and 120lbs require one and half a tablet twice a day while those weighing more than 102lbs need 2 tablets a day.


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