Here is what you should know if your pet is suffering from indigestion

Just like we humans, pets can also suffer from various acute digestive disorders. To  prevent any mishap, you need to act quickly. Let us have a look at the causes, symptoms and treatments available for digestive disturbances in pets.

Common causes of digestive disorders in pets

  • The very first reason behind digestive disorders is considered to be the dietary indiscretion. It happens when your pet has something it should not have. Garbage, table scraps, feces are some of the common miscreants in this case.
  • When your pet gets exposure to feces from an infected dog, viruses such as parvovirus or coronavirus can attack your pet.
  • Different types of bacteria such as Salmonella, Campylobacter, Clostridia, E. coli can be contacted via food poisoning and eventually may pass from animal to human as well.
  •  In case your pet consumes the stool of an infected pet, it may end up having some parasites and worms.
  • Sometimes pancreatitis is caused by inflamed digestive gland, by consuming highly fatty meal or by medications.

Common signs of digestive Disorders in dogs and cats

Fortunately the signs of digestive disorders can be easily recognized. The simplest sign of digestive disorder include diarrhea and vomiting. In some cases pets start losing appetite, or may face abdominal bloating or colitis. Constipation is another sign of this gastrointestinal disease.

What are the common treatment options

If you think the situation is worsening, you should immediately consult your vet on how to treat the signs. In that case your vet may suggest some of the following things to practice:

  • To keep your pet hydrated, you are required to supply plenty of fresh water.
  • For three to five days, you can offer a therapeutic pet food which can be easily obtained from any online pet store.
  • Depending on the condition of your pet’s health, your vet may prescribe some probiotic such as Proviable for dogs. It helps to establish a healthy digestive system for pets with diarrhea. Proviable for cats contain live beneficial microorganisms which are able to restore the intestinal microfloral balance.
  • If your pet starts vomiting all of a sudden, you should consult your vet immediately.

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