Shedding in Pets and How to Deal With It

Shedding is a natural way of losing dead hair in pets. Cats living outdoor grow more hair in the winter and lose them in summer while the cats living indoor shed year round. Groom your pet regularly and clean hair from your house to minimize the inconvenience of shedding. But, in case you notice bald patches in your pet’s fur or excess hair fall, it may be the sign of underlying health related issues. In such situations you should take them to the veterinarian.

Causes of excessive shedding

There are multiple varieties of medical, dietary and stress related issues causing your pet shedding too much of hair. Your pet may suffer from hair loss due to allergies, ringworm, bacterial infection, poor diet, fleas, hormonal imbalance, stress, certain medications, lactation and sunburn.

When shedding is alarming

If you notice your cat licking, scratching, biting obsessively the same few spots incessantly, then it is definitely a serious concern. It may occur due to a change in their diet or some stress, you are unable to identify. You should consult your vet about your pet’s health concerns and ask for a regulated diet chart. However, if the pets with long hair are not groomed appropriately, their hair may grow matted. Matted hair is painful and lead to a series of underlying problems.

How to minimize shedding

If your pet sheds a lot despite your vet confirming that there is no underlying medical cause, you can try the following methods to reduce shedding:

  • Make sure you are feeding them a healthy, balanced diet
  • Try to groom them on a regular basis
  • While grooming, thoroughly examine their skin and coat. If you keep checking regularly and notice some kind of redness, bumps, cuts or fleas and ticks, you can immediately consult your vet.

You can also ask your vet, if you can give your pet  Linatone, a daily supplement for cats and dogs to help maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat.


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