How to Protect Cats from Fleas?

If you have recently seen any black moving spot on the bellies or fur of your feline friend, you must be  conscious to not let your furry friend become a victim of cruel fleas. Fleas are extremely irritating for both you and your pet and the bites of fleas can cause a serious skin condition – Flea Allergy Dermatitis or FAD. Flea bites can cause blood loss and anemia in kittens. Not just this, fleas also carry tapeworm, an intestinal parasite with them.

The moment these highly disturbing insects find their way onto your pet, they take a bite and mate. Within 36 to 48 hours of their infestation, the female fleas start to lay their eggs, which gradually develop into larvae, pupae and at last into adult fleas. The fleas then spread into the carpet and even in your bed.

If you treat your cat with a product that stops the growth of fleas and their laying viable eggs, then possibly you will be successful to remove them from your pet’s body as well as houses.

As they say prevention is better than cure, it will be of great significance, if you can prevent your cats from flea infestation in the first place. If you can provide your cat with regular preventive flea treatments and maintain good basic hygiene of your cat, you can assure the whole family remains healthy and happy round the year.

However, if your cat is already suffering from a heavy flea infestation, you will have to treat them with a product that can kill the fleas. It is true that discovering fleas on a pet is unpleasant, but adult fleas may represent only 5 percent of the whole infestation. The other 95 percent of the flea population consists of eggs and larvae which can spread throughout the house. It is therefore suggested that you treat the house as well. If you do not treat your house, fleas will jump back onto the cat and re-infest them.

Prevention from the fleas

There are different types of collars available that contain insect growth regulators. They contain an insecticide that kills fleas on cats and prevent their return. For best results, you can get Seresto flea collars for cats. There is a wide range of capsules, tablets and chews that may serve the same purpose, if you don’t want to opt for collars. Greenies pill pockets are available in capsule, tablets as well as treats form. So, you can try any of them according to your kitty’s choice.


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