These Varieties of EarthBorn Dog Food are Selling like Hotcake

Only a loving and caring dog owner can understand how satisfying it is to see a dog sleeping with its tummy filled. But, only a responsible and sincere dog parent knows the importance of nutritious food. To help them with the best varieties of food, Earthborn Holistic has introduced a chain of products, helpful to build and maintain your dog’s overall health along with supporting all body functions. A series of nature’s best proteins, fruits and vegetables are carefully sourced and processed with essential vitamins and minerals to supply your dog the healthy diet they need and the delicious taste they crave for. Here are some of the best Earthborn dog food, you should not forget to try:

Meadow Feast: Precisely made to provide unique nutrition for dogs with sensitive stomachs, this limited ingredient recipe is an excellent grain and gluten free alternative diet. With premium lamb meal as the single source of protein, it supplies high protein to help develop and sustain lean muscle mass and energy.

  • Puppy Vantage: The first one year of a dog’s life demands extra care and it is when you need to supply them with the best recipes found on earth. Puppy Vantage provides your puppy with essential amounts of DHA, wholesome carbohydrates, premium proteins and proper levels of calcium and phosphorus. This formula gives your puppy optimal nutrition and energy for their constant growth.


  • Primitive Natural: To satisfy your dog’s instinctual craving for animal nutrition, this recipe is made with turkey meal, whitefish meal and chicken meal. For physical well being and good health of your dog, this grain free recipe has no second.


  • Weight Control: Weight Control by Earthborn Holistic is an excellent tasty formula that reduces fat and calories in the daily diet of your dog without reducing the nutrients needed for maintaining optimal health. Its unique low fat, low calorie chicken formula will definitely keep your dog fit and healthy without fail.


  • Small Breed: It is often difficult to find a formula precisely made for small breeds. This particular recipe by Earthborn Holistic is thus specially made to meet their specific requirements. It is made for dogs weighing less than 20 pounds at maturity. Small kibbles, easily digested grains and antioxidant-rich vegetables and fruits support dogs through their long life expectancy.

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