Treats You can Feed Your Ferrets Without any Worry

When those innocent, little eyes longingly stare at you, it becomes difficult to resist the urge to involve your ferret in whatever tempting treat they are trying to tease out of you. But, do not forget it is you who are responsible for the health condition of your pet. So, you, being a rational person, should make sure your ferret is having the right kind of food.

Only 5% of your ferret’s diet should consist of treats and not all treats are of the same quality. Being obligate carnivores, the nutritional needs of ferrets differ from dogs, cats and even humans. They can’t have the same food that other animals or even humans have on a regular basis. Ferrets require a high fat, high protein, low fiber diet with the main protein source coming from the meat. Ferrets can not digest fruit, vegetables, cereals, fibers easily. They should not be given sweet/sugary food that can increase the risk of dental problems, obesity and risk of insulinoma.

Some great treat options for your ferret:

  • You can get your ferret some freeze dried, raw, cooked chicken, turkey, salmon, beef and organ meats such as chicken liver or hearts, salt free jerky etc. Try to avoid seasoned or processed meats like salami, bacon or lunchmeat.
  • Get them some live or dried crickets, earthworms, mealworms, cockroaches.
  • Get your ferrets some chicken or turkey baby food. They can become addicted to this and can work as a temporary substitute for kibble if your baby is recovering from surgery and is one of those picky eaters.
  • Your ferret may also like to have raw or cooked unseasoned eggs, obviously after removing the shell.

For your ferret’s healthy skin and coat, you can get them Linatone. Rich in fatty acids, this supplement is able to take care of the coat of your pets. For quick delivery and authentic products, place your order today at Lambert Vet Supply.


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