What are the Most Common Dog Ailments?

As a child while most of us have wished to have a puppy, our parents would never approve our pleas and our dream of romping around with our furry best friend end up dying a premature death. The reason behind their disagreement would be “who is going to take care of it”. Now that I have grown up and living with 2 dogs, I understand they had got a very fair point, what we missed as a child. Now I understand having a dog is really quite a lot of work. It is indeed a big commitment. While growing my two kids, I noticed two major ailments in them, what I have found is very common among the dogs.

  1. Arthritis: One of the most common ailments in dogs, arthritis occurs for various reasons. The most common among them is the old age. Like human beings, dogs start developing pain in their joints as they age. Dogs of larger breeds also are prone to canine arthritis. You are advised to talk to your vet on a regular basis to discuss the health issues of your dog immediately. In some cases vets might ask you to help your dog in exercising. If your dog’s breed is susceptible to arthritis you can consult your vet beforehand to take preventive measures.

2.Anxiety: It’s relaxing to see a happy and excited dog when you walk inside the room. But, if you see back home a mess and chewed up things are scattered all around, you may have to take it seriously. There might be some serious issues with your dog’s health and you should find out if there is a dog walker near you. You can also ask your friend or neighbor to spend some time with your dog. You can also take them to the nearest dog park to let them play and mingle with other dogs for their healthy living. In case, none of these techniques are helping, you can get Acepromazine for dogs.

Why Grooming is So Important for Dogs

There are three main reasons  why we groom our dogs. First of all grooming helps to remove debris and disturbs the skin surface that helps in releasing natural oil called sebum. It keeps the coat of the dogs healthy and glossy. When dogs are in wild, they roll around on the floor to produce the same effect. A large number of dogs actually like their coats to be brushed. Regular brushing of the dog coat also helps to carry out your dog’s regular health check up. When you check the areas near your dog’s eyes, you get a chance to ensure there is nothing objectionable around the eyes of your dog that could actually pierce your dog’s eyes and cause severe damage to them.

The next thing you should take care of, is the ears of your dogs. As the ears of your dogs are very sensitive, you need to keep the area clean to prevent infections. At the same time you can keep a check of dew claws and cut them when necessary. During the summer months, the worst thing the dogs get is fleas and ticks, particularly if the dogs are walking through the long grass. These tiny pests are not only harmful for the pets, but also for their family members as well.

Bad breath and gum problem can cause serious damage to your dog. The worst part is they can’t even express their pain and problems with words. It is therefore very much important to utilize the brushing period to check your dog’s mouth and gum. There are special toothbrushes and toothpastes for dogs that you can easily avail from your local pet shop. If you want to avoid the hassle making rounds of the mall, you can order all your dog grooming supply online from Lambert Vet Supply.

How Endosorb Tablets Cure Dog Diarrhea

Diarrhea is one of the very common health issues that can cost your dog’s life if remain unchecked in right time. Whenever, we see loose stools, we assume that our dog has diarrhea while in serious cases, symptoms like loss of appetite, vomiting, lethargy and abdominal pain also persist. When diarrhea develops in healthy dogs, it mostly occurs due to the dogs’ scavenging behavior, stress and a sudden change in diet.

However, if your furry friend has got chronic diarrhea, it can be caused by dietary allergies or intolerances, some types of parasites or due to stress. Chronic diarrhea can also be caused by bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome and some types of cancer. For all regular diarrhea problems Endosorb tabs are prescribed by the vets.

Endosorb is designed to treat gastrointestinal disturbances in both cats and dogs. It is a very effective medicine to relieve the symptoms of simple diarrhea in animals. This powerful tablet contains activated attapulgite, which is able to absorb toxins and toxic materials found in the guts of animals suffering from diarrhea. The absorbent action relieves the irritation, discomfort and cramping related to diarrhea. If your dog is suffering from the diarrhea caused by bacterial intestinal infection, then you need to take help of appropriate antibiotic therapy.

Dogs who are being treated with Endosorb must have access to sufficient fresh drinking water. Veterinarians across the world report that Endosorb can effectively treat various types of diarrhea. It is preferred by the pet owners across the world as it provides a safe, low cost treatment option for your animals. If you notice the signs persisting after 2-3 days, you need to re-diagnose your pets.

If you want to order the medicine online, you can rely on Lambert Vet Supply for quick delivery and quality products.

Treats You can Feed Your Ferrets Without any Worry

When those innocent, little eyes longingly stare at you, it becomes difficult to resist the urge to involve your ferret in whatever tempting treat they are trying to tease out of you. But, do not forget it is you who are responsible for the health condition of your pet. So, you, being a rational person, should make sure your ferret is having the right kind of food.

Only 5% of your ferret’s diet should consist of treats and not all treats are of the same quality. Being obligate carnivores, the nutritional needs of ferrets differ from dogs, cats and even humans. They can’t have the same food that other animals or even humans have on a regular basis. Ferrets require a high fat, high protein, low fiber diet with the main protein source coming from the meat. Ferrets can not digest fruit, vegetables, cereals, fibers easily. They should not be given sweet/sugary food that can increase the risk of dental problems, obesity and risk of insulinoma.

Some great treat options for your ferret:

  • You can get your ferret some freeze dried, raw, cooked chicken, turkey, salmon, beef and organ meats such as chicken liver or hearts, salt free jerky etc. Try to avoid seasoned or processed meats like salami, bacon or lunchmeat.
  • Get them some live or dried crickets, earthworms, mealworms, cockroaches.
  • Get your ferrets some chicken or turkey baby food. They can become addicted to this and can work as a temporary substitute for kibble if your baby is recovering from surgery and is one of those picky eaters.
  • Your ferret may also like to have raw or cooked unseasoned eggs, obviously after removing the shell.

For your ferret’s healthy skin and coat, you can get them Linatone. Rich in fatty acids, this supplement is able to take care of the coat of your pets. For quick delivery and authentic products, place your order today at Lambert Vet Supply.

Diarrhea in Dogs and How to Deal with it

Almost every dog suffers from diarrhea at least once in their lifetime. The reasons behind can include causes such as excitement, separation anxiety, improper diet, bacteria and any more.  Sometimes, the dog’s diarrhea is misinterpreted. Hence, to be sure whether your dog has diarrhea, you need to collect samples of their stool and see if it has blood in it. If it has diarrhea, you need to consult your veterinarian  immediately. In an ideal situation dogs suffer for 2 days from Diarrhea, but if the situation is too intense, they may suffer for a longer period of time.

Home remedies for dogs with Diarrhea

In situations, when you cannot take your dog to the vet, you can take help of some home remedies. Always keep your dog hydrated. The more your dog passes watery stool, weaker they would get. That is why the amount of water lost from the body needs to be replaced with the same volume. You can also mix water with electrolytes and give it to your dog.

Fasting is not always required to control dog diarrhea. But, if you notice that a particular variety of food is causing the harm, you can stop giving the food and  see if your dog is still showing symptoms of diarrhea. Avoid giving table scraps to your dog when they are suffering from diarrhea. Upset stomach of the dog can be one of the causes of diarrhea and if you provide them with inadvisable food it could just worsen the situation. If the dog is suffering from severe diarrhea, medicines prescribed by the vets can be of best use. Tylan is a very powerful medicine that helps in treating colitis and chronic diarrhea. But, if you are not comfortable to give unfamiliar medicine to your dog, you need to consult the vet on priority.


How to Help in Whelping Your Dog?

When your furry daughter goes for birthing, you experience a mixed feeling of excitement and stress. If you plan it well, it can be a wonderful experience. But, it is not possible to plan for all probable outcomes. In order to minimize the chances of these dangers, you are advised to be prepared with the necessary supplies, tools and implements and stay in constant touch with your veterinarian.

At around eight or nine weeks, the bitch gets ready to give birth to the pups. As the time approaches closer, you should keep a whelping area ready that has to be dry, clean and of normal temperature. It should be free of any hustle or bustle. After consulting your vet, you should get a set of dog whelping supplies which would include a few clean towels, sealed trash receptacles, blankets, hemostat forceps, weaning bottle, lubrication, scissors, iodine and a thermometer without fail.

Throughout the process of birthing thermometer is the thing, you will have to use very frequently. The temperature of a normal dog is around 101.5 degrees. Around 12 to 24 hours prior to whelping your bitch would experience a sudden decrease in temperature at least by 1-3 degrees. When it is the right time, she will manifest the symptoms of restlessness, a decrease in her appetite, mammary gland enlargement, a relaxed belly and a relaxed vulva. If she is showing these symptoms, it means her labor is about to happen.

In maximum cases, dogs can take care of their labor themselves, unless it is a very complex situation. Your duty would be just to observe her actions and try to make her comfortable. Some bitches love to go for peeing in between births, let her do that. Supply her with food if she wants to have it. In case you notice the birth is going to be abnormal, you should immediately consult your vet and take the necessary steps advised by the vet.

How can Cat Dermatophytosis be Determined?

Dermatophytosis or ringworms is a fungal infection that affects both human and animal. When it comes to animals, it is cats who have the highest positive culture rate. A fungi under the dermatophyte group, causes Dermatophytosis in cats. Dermatophytosis in cats is caused by Trichophyton and Microsporum.

What causes Dermatophytosis?

It is the fungal spores from Trichophyton and Microsporum species that cause Dermatophytosis in cats. We can see these fungal spores in the coats of our cats using a microscope. The exposure of a cat to a place that has fungal spores can develop dermatophytosis. It takes 10-14 days to develop after they get exposed.

Where are these fungi seen?

Well, just like any other fungi, they are also found in the environment. But, if we talk about any specific area, it would be difficult to define. They are mostly found in hot and humid environment. After shedding off from the cats, the dermatophyte spores can stay in the environment for at least 2 years without a host. Any warm and humid environment would support the growth of fungi.

How Cats are Affected by dermatophytosis

The kertain materials in hair, skin and nails of your cat are the actual nutrients of Dermatophyte fungi. A cat with dermatophytosis shows symptoms of drying and cracking of their skin. Dermatophytosis looks like a round and scaly lesion with a pale center. It also causes bald patches or spots on your cat’s skin. Some cats may show symptoms of constant itching, which causes a lot of discomfort in them.

How to Determine Dermatophytosis

Veterinarians use four different methods to diagnose Dermatophytosis. They may examine the appearance and location of the infected site or detect fungal spores through an ultraviolet light. Some vets may opt for microscopic examination of hair and a fungal culture of a hair pulled from the infected site.

Limeplus Dip is an effective generalized topical treatment for this disease in cats. If you want to apply it on your cats, it’s better to consult your vet.