What are the Most Common Dog Ailments?

As a child while most of us have wished to have a puppy, our parents would never approve our pleas and our dream of romping around with our furry best friend end up dying a premature death. The reason behind their disagreement would be “who is going to take care of it”. Now that I have grown up and living with 2 dogs, I understand they had got a very fair point, what we missed as a child. Now I understand having a dog is really quite a lot of work. It is indeed a big commitment. While growing my two kids, I noticed two major ailments in them, what I have found is very common among the dogs.

  1. Arthritis: One of the most common ailments in dogs, arthritis occurs for various reasons. The most common among them is the old age. Like human beings, dogs start developing pain in their joints as they age. Dogs of larger breeds also are prone to canine arthritis. You are advised to talk to your vet on a regular basis to discuss the health issues of your dog immediately. In some cases vets might ask you to help your dog in exercising. If your dog’s breed is susceptible to arthritis you can consult your vet beforehand to take preventive measures.

2.Anxiety: It’s relaxing to see a happy and excited dog when you walk inside the room. But, if you see back home a mess and chewed up things are scattered all around, you may have to take it seriously. There might be some serious issues with your dog’s health and you should find out if there is a dog walker near you. You can also ask your friend or neighbor to spend some time with your dog. You can also take them to the nearest dog park to let them play and mingle with other dogs for their healthy living. In case, none of these techniques are helping, you can get Acepromazine for dogs.


Why Acepromazine is Given to Dogs

One of the most commonly used central nervous system depressants and tranquilizers, Acepromazine works effectively against motion sickness and nausea related with car or plane rides. The medicine is given to prevent anxiety caused by thunder, the sound of the firecrackers, or a visit to a vet or groomer.

The effects of this medicine last for 6-8 hours. For more effective results you need to give the drug 45 – 60 minutes before your dog is supposed to be exposed to the situation related to anxiety.

How Acepromazine functions

The actual process of functioning is not well known. But, vets suspect that it works on the receptors in the brain through dopamine. Dopamine transmits emotional signals from cell to cell and prevents pets from being anxious or afraid by blocking the receptors. The drug also helps to stabilize the heart beat, controls blood pressure, and works on the brain to minimize your pet’s nausea.

Side effects of Acepromazine

Your dogs may face various side effects on administration of Acepromazine which include low blood pressure, increased seizures in epileptics, heart failure, aggression, constipation, seizures, convulsions, vomiting, shock etc. In case, your dog is already having medicines such as Neomycin, Anesthesia, Anticholinergics, Antacid, Phenobarbital, Antidiarrheal drugs, Atropine sulfate, Quinidine, you should not give Acepromazine to your dog, as it might react badly.

If you are administering these drugs to the pets already suffering from kidney disease, liver disease, heart disease or low blood pressure, you need to be extra careful. You need to be cautious if you are giving this drug to older or giant breed dogs. Acepromazine for dogs may not be effective on some terrier breeds of dogs.

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As a Pet Parent, You Should Know About This Two Medicines Without Fail

The closer you move to your dog, you get the real feeling of a parent – a parent who knows and understands every movement of their child, a parent who never fails to understand the requirement of their baby. So, while you are going to soon identify yourself as a pet parent, you must enhance your knowledge about certain medications you might have to use pretty often.


Acepromazine for dogs is counted amongst the most common tranquilizer used as a central nervous system depressant for pets. Usually it is used to prevent anxiety related to fireworks,  thunder, vet or groomer visits to the usual things your dog is afraid of. It is an effective treatment to fight against motion sickness and nausea related to car or plane rides. The effects of this medicine lasts for 6-8 hours and it performs well if given 45-60 minutes prior to expose your dog to its stressful situation.

Side effects of Acepromazine

The side effects of this medicine can extend from Increased seizures in epileptics to shock and heart failure. It may also cause constipation, convulsions, change in respiratory rate and low blood pressure. Hence, on administration, if you notice any of these symptoms, take your dog to the vet immediately.


Baytril for dogs is an antibiotic prescribed to dogs for the treatment of doubtful bacterial infections. It works well  against the gram-positive as well as gram-negative strains of bacteria. In maximum cases, it is safe and cause less complications. Earlier, it was very difficult to treat Staphylococcus and Pseudomonas, but Baytril proves effective against them. Mostly it is used to fight against skin infections and ear infections.

Side effects of Baytril

The administration of Baytril may result into certain side effects like Diarrhea, loss of appetite, vomiting, convulsions and some more.

Hence, it is always advised to consult your vet before you administer any new medicine at your dog. Always observe your dog whenever you start a new medicine.