Give a Healthy and Hygienic Atmosphere to your Pet

I have met many pet owners who enjoy the company of pets, but never consider them a part of their family. As a result, they give priorities to their family health issues but tend to forget the health issues of their pets. They forget that our pet needs the same care and affection as much as our human relatives need. Maintaining a healthy and hygienic environment for our pet is very important so that they can live a healthy life too.

We should keep it in mind that the health issues in pets appear only if our pet is not keeping well. And the sickness in your pet is definitely a good sign for you too. For your dog’s hygiene and health related issues, you can keep a handy health guide for your dog. Along with this, you can keep a first aid box ready with some regularly used vet supplies such as antibiotics, sprays, etc.

There is a wide range of tablets and related medicines available in the market which you can use for your pet without getting a prescription from your vet. You can give these medicines to your pet without consulting any veterinarian; just keep a check of their expiry date. In this category of medicines you can get some exclusive varieties of ticks and flea medicines. Always be careful regarding fleas, since they are very small, creepy creatures who can make your pets weak sucking blood. You are advised to use some regular sprays and ointments that stops the growth of such parasites.

Make sure you are regularly in touch with the vet or at least a trustworthy pet consultant. For quick interaction, you can check the reputed pet consultant online. Be careful about the diet of your pet, since it can cause unwanted disturbance in their stomach as well as can disturb their immune system very badly.


Some Common Diabetic Supplies for Complete Diabetes Management

In recent past, it is seen that diabetes has been affecting the lives of our dogs as much as of the humans. Diabetes is caused when a dog’s body starts suffering from the deficiency of producing sufficient insulin. Sometimes a dog’s body fails to respond to the insulin produced by the pancreas – which ultimately causes diabetes. Diabetes is inherently caused by nature; hence curing it completely is not possible.

While it is true that once your dog get diabetes, your dog might have to live with this condition for the rest of their life, the good news is you can manage them well, if you are taking proper care of them. The most important thing you would need to control your canine diabetes is to set a healthy diet for them, regular exercise and get an insulin therapy after consulting a reputed veterinarian.

Some pet parents take their dogs to get their insulin shots from a licensed veterinarian. If you can do this, there cannot be anything better. However, a lot of dog owners are unable to do this because of the lack of funds and time. If you are one of them, fret not! You can manage your dog’s insulin therapy on your own.

Your dog might need insulin. The veterinarian would tell you exactly what kind of insulin is idea for your dog. At the same time, the vet will educate you about the dosage of your insulin shots and proper handling procedure. You are advised not to alter the dosage and frequency that the vet has prescribed for the dog. Some pet owners get insulin travel packs, mainly meant to transport insulin while keeping them refrigerated. Opt for the right kind of insulin syringes and do not deviate from it. For large animal vet supplies look at the stock of Lambert Vet Supply.

Must Have Things For Every Puppy Owner

Introducing a new family member? I am sure you are as excited as any parent would be. Because dogs are not just pet to us. They are our cutest ever friend, who would never leave you alone even if you don’t treat them well. These little furry friends can add color to your family and trust us within a few months you are going to love them blindly. So, before you welcome them home, here are certain things you should bring home immediately.

  1. Collar and leash: We are not saying put a leash around their neck right on the first day. But for public safety and their own safety putting them on leash is very much important. Put a collar around their neck which will contain your name and phone number. The collar is attached to the leash to make easier to walk for both you and your dog.
  2. Crates: It is a must for every puppy owner. Crates and containment devices are very helpful to observe your new family member closely and bring an opportunity to housetrain them. We would advice you do get a dog crate or carrier, playpen, and an exercise pen, or gate when you bring this little soul home.
  3. Dog bed: Not just you, even dogs would love to snuggle down in a soft and cozy bed. There are smaller beds and bumper beds covered in fleece or sheepskin. They are very soft and keep them worm and cozy. To add more comfort, you can get them a pillow, cushions, dog-sized couches and many other luxury items.

If you want to buy dog products on an urgent basis, you can rely on the collection of Lambert Vet Supply. Check out the existing deals before placing your order.

How to Treat your Dog’s Ringworm?

If you find that your dog has picked up a case of ringworm, then it’s very much important that you start ringworm treatment as soon as you can. Being affected that poor soul will continuously scratch away at the infected area and it causes a lot of discomfort for them. If the area it has infected is wide, there’s a possibility that your pooch will scratch the area more rigorously and end up causing a little injury in the process. Let’s see what all you can do at home for some natural ringworm treatment.

First of all, make sure you are cleaning all their bedding, bowls and toys are washed thoroughly. A dog’s bedding needs to be washed on a regular basis to keep fleas, ticks and other irritating and harmful infections like ringworm away. Remember to clean their bowls and toys regularly and if possible, try to disinfect too.

If you have some other pet at home, make sure they are not eating in the same bowl, as this is how ringworm can easily spread. Ringworm is a highly contagious fungal infection of the skin and in probability the dogs pick it up from other animals. May be your dog had been playing with stray dogs outside and they can pick it up from there. In case you have another dog at home, try to keep them away until you can get the infection under control.

Another option you can go for is herbal remedy. Apply it to the infected area regularly until it vanishes. Herbal remedies work well only if you apply them consistently. This herbal remedy will help to soothe their skin, control itching and help them to get rid of the infection. If none of these work you should consult your vet for dog ringworm treatment.

Some Common Flea Treatments for Dogs

If your dog spends most of their day’s time outdoors, chances of their flea infestation are very high. Fleas are naturally attracted to dogs, through whom they can then reach your home and eventually your bed, upholstery, furniture, carpet and car too. If you check the fleas at the right time that will kill the fleas and prevent them from infesting your environment. Failing to do this, you will let them easy avenues to infest your whole house and make your life miserable. Here are some common flea treatments for your dogs:

Comfortis: It is one of the vet prescribed medicines for the flea treatment of your dog. Available in pill form, this medicine is a once in a month treatment. The medicine works internally by circulating through your dog’s blood stream, hence there is almost no chance of anyone in your family being exposed to the medication. It also keeps your dog flea free, since the fleas biting your dog will die due to the effect of Comfortis for dogs.

Collars: Flea collars are undoubtedly very effective for some dogs, but they lose their killing ability after a few days when they get wet while your dog is swimming or getting drenched in rain. These collars can pose a threat to the health of other animals (if you have another pet at house) since an animal chewing on these collars could fall sick.

Sprays: There are multiple varieties of sprays available in the market that can effectively kill fleas and prevent their growth. Lightly spray the dog’s entire coat in order to protect them from fleas and be careful not to get any sprays inside the ear or in their eyes. Many dogs do not like the sprays, so it can be difficult to stay them for long to cover all their fur.

How Baytril is the Right Choice of Antibiotic for Dogs


An effective antibiotic used for treating microbial infections, Baytril badly affects the skin, urinary tract, prostate, liver, gastrointestinal tract, and respiratory system of your dearest canine friend. This antibiotic is majorly used to treat these infections in both cats and dogs. To use Baytril you need to have a prescription from a veterinarian and should never be taken over the counter to avoid any serious repercussions.

There are mainly two types of Baytril in the market for both canine and feline animals to ensure that the issues related to every pet is targeted separately. This medicine has multiple aspects that distinguish it from others. This powerful antibiotic is available in the form of chewable tablets in various flavors to help your pets have it without any difficulty.

Veterinarians often prescribe this medicine to deal with a wide range of bacterial infections in the urinary and GI tracts. It is also prescribed to deal with the problems affecting the respiratory system. Baytril interacts with bacterial DNA and kills it right at its roots.

The function of Baytril is very simple and effective. It eliminates bacteria as a fluoroquinolone antibiotic. Fluoroquinolones belong to a group of special agents that interact with bacterial DNA and disturb their metabolism leading to stop bacterial growth. Ultimately it results in the quick death of bacteria and your animal cures within a few days. How fast your pet is going to recover that would depend upon the severity of the infection. Even if the rate of recovery is fast, you are advised to complete the prescribed duration recommended by your vet.

Using Baytril on pregnant pets should be avoided. You should also avoid giving Baytril for dogs if you are giving antacids to your pets. You can order it online from Lambert Vet Supply.

Why You Should Get an Insulated Dog House for your Pooch

If you are a dog owner and worried about that dog of you who needs to spend their maximum time out of home, you must know the importance of an insulated doghouse. We all know that smaller canines can live easily inside our house, but the canines of larger breed usually sleep outside throughout the year. With the right kind of dog house, you can protect your canine friend from the adversities of nature. Insulated dog houses are a kennel that help to keep your dog warm in winter and works as a safe haven for dogs in extreme weather conditions.

Insulated dog houses are ideally made out of durable plastic and the walls and floors are insulated. They come on a multiple variety of designs and sizes to suit the taste of the buyers and the requirements of individual dogs. These insulated kennels help to maintain a constant temperature inside the pet’s house and provide them comfort. Extreme climatic conditions are not conductive to your dog and this is why insulated dog houses care for the health of your dog. Apart from saving your dog from heat and cold, the insulated dog houses work as shelter in rainy season and during heavy snowfall. If your dog is being exposed to these natural elements for a prolonged period of time, the immune system of your canine animal might weaken. An insulated dog house, hence can keep various diseases at bay.

Some insulated dog houses are made from cedar as well. Ensure that the size of the house is not way too bigger than the dog itself else the effects of insulation will go waste. It should just be the right size and allow your dog to get up, turn around and allow them to lie down freely.