If you Have a Dog this is What You Should know About Heartworms

Creepy, life threatening parasites, heartworms attack an animal’s heart and cause congenital heart problems if not treated in right time. Heartworms are transmitted from one animal to another, after one is bitten by mosquitoes. They are normally found in the right ventricle of the heart and the blood vessels in the nearby areas.

Adult female worms living in the heart of your pet produce millions of baby parasites that eventually circulate through the body of your pet. Sadly, when a mosquito bites one such infected animal, it actually sucks up the baby worms and transmit them to the next animal it bites. After a new animal is bitten by the heartworm carrying mosquito, the worms would start growing inside the newly infected animal.

After transmitting into the body of a new animal, it takes them around 6-7 months to grow adult and start reproducing. They can be detected only after growing adults. So, before diagnosis an animal lives with these extremely harmful worms for at least 6 months. They are mostly diagnosed through blood tests or X-rays.

As we know that heartworms can spread from animal to animal, it is very much necessary to use preventive measures to protect your cat. Veterinarians are recommending heartworm prevention for dogs across the world, the effect of heartworm in cats is also increasing. So, vets are also recommending prevention for cats.

To protect your pets from heartworm diseases you can take the following measures:

  • Puppies, reached the age of 8 weeks,  should be given a heartworm preventative.
  • Once they become 7 months old, even if your puppy is taking preventive medicine, they should be tested for heartworms.
  • Dogs should be tested on a regular basis every 2 to 3 years if your dog is given preventive medication every year.

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Why Grooming is So Important for Dogs

There are three main reasons  why we groom our dogs. First of all grooming helps to remove debris and disturbs the skin surface that helps in releasing natural oil called sebum. It keeps the coat of the dogs healthy and glossy. When dogs are in wild, they roll around on the floor to produce the same effect. A large number of dogs actually like their coats to be brushed. Regular brushing of the dog coat also helps to carry out your dog’s regular health check up. When you check the areas near your dog’s eyes, you get a chance to ensure there is nothing objectionable around the eyes of your dog that could actually pierce your dog’s eyes and cause severe damage to them.

The next thing you should take care of, is the ears of your dogs. As the ears of your dogs are very sensitive, you need to keep the area clean to prevent infections. At the same time you can keep a check of dew claws and cut them when necessary. During the summer months, the worst thing the dogs get is fleas and ticks, particularly if the dogs are walking through the long grass. These tiny pests are not only harmful for the pets, but also for their family members as well.

Bad breath and gum problem can cause serious damage to your dog. The worst part is they can’t even express their pain and problems with words. It is therefore very much important to utilize the brushing period to check your dog’s mouth and gum. There are special toothbrushes and toothpastes for dogs that you can easily avail from your local pet shop. If you want to avoid the hassle making rounds of the mall, you can order all your dog grooming supply online from Lambert Vet Supply.

How Endosorb Tablets Cure Dog Diarrhea

Diarrhea is one of the very common health issues that can cost your dog’s life if remain unchecked in right time. Whenever, we see loose stools, we assume that our dog has diarrhea while in serious cases, symptoms like loss of appetite, vomiting, lethargy and abdominal pain also persist. When diarrhea develops in healthy dogs, it mostly occurs due to the dogs’ scavenging behavior, stress and a sudden change in diet.

However, if your furry friend has got chronic diarrhea, it can be caused by dietary allergies or intolerances, some types of parasites or due to stress. Chronic diarrhea can also be caused by bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome and some types of cancer. For all regular diarrhea problems Endosorb tabs are prescribed by the vets.

Endosorb is designed to treat gastrointestinal disturbances in both cats and dogs. It is a very effective medicine to relieve the symptoms of simple diarrhea in animals. This powerful tablet contains activated attapulgite, which is able to absorb toxins and toxic materials found in the guts of animals suffering from diarrhea. The absorbent action relieves the irritation, discomfort and cramping related to diarrhea. If your dog is suffering from the diarrhea caused by bacterial intestinal infection, then you need to take help of appropriate antibiotic therapy.

Dogs who are being treated with Endosorb must have access to sufficient fresh drinking water. Veterinarians across the world report that Endosorb can effectively treat various types of diarrhea. It is preferred by the pet owners across the world as it provides a safe, low cost treatment option for your animals. If you notice the signs persisting after 2-3 days, you need to re-diagnose your pets.

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How Preventic Collar for Dogs Helps Fight Ticks

To prevent, killing, and the detachment of ticks, the Preventic Amitraz Tick Collar for Dogs can be of ultimate help.  As long as your dog is carrying the collar around its neck, prevention will last up to 3 months. This tick collar also prevents new ticks from attaching and feeding within 48 hours of use. This effective dog collar has amitraz, a very powerful ingredient that kills and prevents ticks up to 90 days. The collar can save your dog from various species of ticks such as Brown Dog Tick, American Dog Tick, Lone Star Tick and the Deer Tick (the major carrier of Lyme disease).

The Preventic Collar has to be used on dogs 12 weeks or older. This water resistant tick killer gives your dog the liberty to keep their play mode on in all circumstances. The collars are available in 2 sizes and safe when used as directed. It is over 97% effective against ticks for up to 3 months. It kills the ticks carrying tickborne diseases such as Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

How it works

Amitraz, an antiparasitic drug is the active ingredient in this collar. It paralyzes the mouth parts of the ticks before killing them. Preventing the attachment of the ticks it prevents the transmission of the disease. The collar can also save your dog from mites, lice, and other animal pests.

Cautions to use Preventic Collar

Amitraz is a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) and it should not be given to the dogs which are already on some other MAOI such as Anipryl or selegiline. People who are suffering from diabetes should use this product with care. They should wash their hands thoroughly after administering this collar on their dogs. While putting this collar on their dog, you should use rubber gloves.

What is Lime Plus Dip and How is it Helpful for the Pets?

LimePlus Dip by Dechra is a concentrated liquid medication applied to treat parasitic and fungal skin infections in cats, dogs, kittens, puppies and horses. It is a Lime Sulfur Concentrate solution, which is mainly used for non-specific Dermatoses where a sulfurated lime is effective. 97.8% of this concentration is the Sulfurated Lime Solution and it is the active ingredient as well. It comes in a 4oz and 16oz bottle, as well as in 1 gallon size.

Directions to Use:

You are advised to wear gloves, while applying this medication to avoid contact with skin. Pour 4oz of Lime Plus Dip into 1 gallon of water and mix it well. Before application, you need to bathe your pet and rinse off shampoo. Now pour diluted LimePlus Dip onto haircoat and apply onto skin and let it dry. Do not rinse and apply it only as per the instructions of your vet. If the medicine dries around the container opening or cap, it’s better to drown the sealed container in warm water for 15 minutes and shake it well. May be you need to apply it in 5-7 day intervals. Then you need to use according to directions. You need to store it at controlled room temperature of 15-30 degree Celsius (59-860F).

Caution for LimePlus Dip:

LimePlus Dip is for topical use only. You need to use only after properly diluting as per the directions. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of eye contact, you are advised to rinse it thoroughly with water. This product has a very strong, unpleasant  smell and may cause skin irritation. If skin irritation remains persistent or increases, stop using and call your veterinarian. Keep it out of the reach of children and pets. Do not forget to wash your hands after use.

Frontline Plus – The Complete Defense System of Your Pet

One of the most trusted and reliable flea and tick defense systems, Frontline Plus shows magic when applied monthly. If it is regularly used, your pet will be 100% protected from adult fleas-including flea eggs and larvae. In less than 24 hours, it kills all the adult fleas, while the most stubborn among the ticks such as deer tick, which causes lyme disease are killed within 24 hours.

Benefits of Using Frontline Plus

  • A single application is required for 30 days protection from fleas and ticks
  • It can be applied in seconds
  • Within 24 hours after drying, you can bathe your pet or you can let them swim and they will still be 100% protected from fleas and ticks
  • It is safe for puppies, 8 weeks or older

Application Directions

  • Apply full contents of Frontline Plus on the skin between your pet’s shoulder blades. For this you need to part the hair and apply it directly to the skin.
  • Four different application doses are available for four different weight categories of dogs. The four different weight categories are: Up to 22 lbs., 23-44 lbs., 45-88 lbs. and 89-132 lbs.
  • Content of Frontline flea and tick repelent comes in 3 or 6 dose package. A packet of 12 months or 12 dose Frontline packages mean two 6 month packs

How Frontline Plus Works

Fipronil is an active ingredient of Frontline and it collects in the oils from the pet’s skin and hair follicles and is released up to 30 days from the hair follicles onto the skin and hair for complete protection. Another active ingredient in Frontline Plus is S-methoprene that kills the flea eggs and larvae life cycle. It also prevents re-infestation of fleas and keeps your pet flea free for maximum 30 days with each application.

How to Protect Cats from Fleas?

If you have recently seen any black moving spot on the bellies or fur of your feline friend, you must be  conscious to not let your furry friend become a victim of cruel fleas. Fleas are extremely irritating for both you and your pet and the bites of fleas can cause a serious skin condition – Flea Allergy Dermatitis or FAD. Flea bites can cause blood loss and anemia in kittens. Not just this, fleas also carry tapeworm, an intestinal parasite with them.

The moment these highly disturbing insects find their way onto your pet, they take a bite and mate. Within 36 to 48 hours of their infestation, the female fleas start to lay their eggs, which gradually develop into larvae, pupae and at last into adult fleas. The fleas then spread into the carpet and even in your bed.

If you treat your cat with a product that stops the growth of fleas and their laying viable eggs, then possibly you will be successful to remove them from your pet’s body as well as houses.

As they say prevention is better than cure, it will be of great significance, if you can prevent your cats from flea infestation in the first place. If you can provide your cat with regular preventive flea treatments and maintain good basic hygiene of your cat, you can assure the whole family remains healthy and happy round the year.

However, if your cat is already suffering from a heavy flea infestation, you will have to treat them with a product that can kill the fleas. It is true that discovering fleas on a pet is unpleasant, but adult fleas may represent only 5 percent of the whole infestation. The other 95 percent of the flea population consists of eggs and larvae which can spread throughout the house. It is therefore suggested that you treat the house as well. If you do not treat your house, fleas will jump back onto the cat and re-infest them.

Prevention from the fleas

There are different types of collars available that contain insect growth regulators. They contain an insecticide that kills fleas on cats and prevent their return. For best results, you can get Seresto flea collars for cats. There is a wide range of capsules, tablets and chews that may serve the same purpose, if you don’t want to opt for collars. Greenies pill pockets are available in capsule, tablets as well as treats form. So, you can try any of them according to your kitty’s choice.