How Glandex Relieves Your Dog from Anal Glands

It’s definitely not a subject of dinner table discussion, but it’s something you can’t really escape if you want to see your dog in good health. Yes, your dog gets sacs or anal glands that may contain smelly fluid which need to be emptied or released occasionally. The sacs are found around the anus of your dog and sometimes you may need to help your dog to release the fluid. To deal with such uncomfortable situation, Gandex can be of much help.

What is Glandex

Glandex is a healthy way to cure the anal gland problems. It provides with an easy and painless treatment. It is made with a special blend of key ingredients, intended to form larger and firmer stools. It results in putting extra pressure on the anal glands of your dog. So with every bowel movement, your dog’s anal glands are emptied. Glandex has natural soothing ingredients that reduce itching and effectively treat the allergies. It also treats the swelling that triggers gland problems in your dog’s anus. The probiotics in Glandex boost digestive power of your dog and immune system health.

Glandex is available in powder form, which you can mix with food for easy consumption. It is also available in peanut butter-flavored soft chews. To give it a taste loved by the pets, the Glandex Powder is made with 100% pure beef liver. Both powder and chews need to be given to the dogs over 12 weeks of age.

How it works

If your dog gets involved in scooting, it can cause them itching and pain, which they will do to get relieve on their own. It may damage your dog’s skin, cause redness and burning of the bottom of your pet. Glandex has natural anti-inflammatories that help in reducing the underlying inflammation and allergies.