Cat Supplies You Would Need While Travelling

When it comes to travelling with pets, the first animal that comes in our mind is definitely a dog. But, there are a lot of pet lovers who love to travel with their cats as well. So, while travelling what kind of cat supplies you would need, let’s talk about that. Read it thoroughly to prepare yourself to carry the kind of things that you would need to make your furry feline friend feel comfortable along the trip.


Cats are fond of familiar territory and they always like to feel safe. They often like to have that feeling of having a safe home and a safe area to go to if they could sense anything threatening around them. If you are driving with them, there are many things that may seem threatening to them. Hence, carrying a bed can be an extremely safe option for them. No matter what scares them, they need a familiar space where they can curl up and feel like they are not going to get hurt.

Litter box

They are very smart about using litter box. So, you can carry along the litter box you use at home for them. If you have a litter box with a complete domed top that your cat can walk into, simply put it inside the car where your feline friend can have easy access to it. If you don’t want to use your existing litter box, you can get them a travel litter pan, you can get in travel cat supplies section.

Food and water

If your cat is habituated to free feeding and watering, make sure you are giving them access to food and water sources while travelling. You can get travel food and water kits that are specifically made to hold up to moving around in a vehicle.


Some Common Flea Treatments for Dogs

If your dog spends most of their day’s time outdoors, chances of their flea infestation are very high. Fleas are naturally attracted to dogs, through whom they can then reach your home and eventually your bed, upholstery, furniture, carpet and car too. If you check the fleas at the right time that will kill the fleas and prevent them from infesting your environment. Failing to do this, you will let them easy avenues to infest your whole house and make your life miserable. Here are some common flea treatments for your dogs:

Comfortis: It is one of the vet prescribed medicines for the flea treatment of your dog. Available in pill form, this medicine is a once in a month treatment. The medicine works internally by circulating through your dog’s blood stream, hence there is almost no chance of anyone in your family being exposed to the medication. It also keeps your dog flea free, since the fleas biting your dog will die due to the effect of Comfortis for dogs.

Collars: Flea collars are undoubtedly very effective for some dogs, but they lose their killing ability after a few days when they get wet while your dog is swimming or getting drenched in rain. These collars can pose a threat to the health of other animals (if you have another pet at house) since an animal chewing on these collars could fall sick.

Sprays: There are multiple varieties of sprays available in the market that can effectively kill fleas and prevent their growth. Lightly spray the dog’s entire coat in order to protect them from fleas and be careful not to get any sprays inside the ear or in their eyes. Many dogs do not like the sprays, so it can be difficult to stay them for long to cover all their fur.

Why You Should Get an Insulated Dog House for your Pooch

If you are a dog owner and worried about that dog of you who needs to spend their maximum time out of home, you must know the importance of an insulated doghouse. We all know that smaller canines can live easily inside our house, but the canines of larger breed usually sleep outside throughout the year. With the right kind of dog house, you can protect your canine friend from the adversities of nature. Insulated dog houses are a kennel that help to keep your dog warm in winter and works as a safe haven for dogs in extreme weather conditions.

Insulated dog houses are ideally made out of durable plastic and the walls and floors are insulated. They come on a multiple variety of designs and sizes to suit the taste of the buyers and the requirements of individual dogs. These insulated kennels help to maintain a constant temperature inside the pet’s house and provide them comfort. Extreme climatic conditions are not conductive to your dog and this is why insulated dog houses care for the health of your dog. Apart from saving your dog from heat and cold, the insulated dog houses work as shelter in rainy season and during heavy snowfall. If your dog is being exposed to these natural elements for a prolonged period of time, the immune system of your canine animal might weaken. An insulated dog house, hence can keep various diseases at bay.

Some insulated dog houses are made from cedar as well. Ensure that the size of the house is not way too bigger than the dog itself else the effects of insulation will go waste. It should just be the right size and allow your dog to get up, turn around and allow them to lie down freely.

Essential Dog Accessories You Need for Better Care of Your Dog

Parenting a dog is not an easy task and until you devote sufficient time, seeing a healthy and active dog is a bit challenging. To make your pet feel special, you need to take intense care of your pet and buy them the things they might require to supplement their day care activities. Some of these accessories may be extremely necessary while a lot others are needed to make their life convenient. Whatever the purpose is, it is important to get these accessories on priority. So, let’s know what accessories are important for dogs:

  • Feeding bowls and water bowls are one of the first things you need to get for your pooch. The size of the bowl would depend on the weight and size of your dog. It’s better not to buy the plastic ones, since they might get cracks and harbor bacteria. Instead, you should buy a steel bowl.
  • The next thing you would require is a collar and a leash. While buying one, you need to keep the size and strength of your dog under consideration. It is recommended that your dog’s collar bear an ID tag with your contact information. It will help you if your dog gets lost.
  • If you are living in one of those big cities, where dog poop can impose hefty fines on the owner, you need to buy the poop scooper. This will help you to abide by the law without restricting movements of your dog.

Along with these accessories, there are some more dog accessories you might consider essential for your dog. One of these items can be gravity refillable water dishes. Depending on the weather you live in your dog would require accessories like dog-sweaters and sweat shirts. In addition to this, you can get dog booties that protect your dog’s feet and pad.

What You Need to Do With Fearful, Timid and Anxious Dogs

Socialization of puppies and dogs is a very crucial part of their training. It is noticed that sometimes out of fear of infection breeders as well as owners make a mistake of restricting their pooch’s movement until they are done with their vaccinations. But, by taking such stand, they end up making their dearest canine companion, a timid dog that may become aggressive later in life. It is reported that 95% of dog bites are incited by fear.

That is why, experts opine, owners and breeders should use their common sense. Puppies, till they turn 16 weeks of age, should be exposed to a variety of experiences, including places, people and meeting other dogs that are vaccinated. You can involve them in a wide range of activities and in different places without compromising on their safety. If you have more than one dog in the house, you should not leave your dog in the company of the older one all the time. You need to let them grow on their own and be confident, without letting them rely on older dogs.

It is proved that genetics as well as socialization i.e, nature and nurture highly influence your dog’s ability to cope successfully with life. Some dogs are genetically blessed to fight against the odds and they deal with everything so easily that anything that life throws at them they could bounce back.

Nobivac is a popular medicine that deals with dog anxiety and fear quite effectively. Your dog needs a lot of mental support from you to cope up with their fears. You need to train them thoroughly to deal with the odd situations. If you want to order the medicines online, check out the stock of Lambert Vet Supply. For fastest delivery and best price, place your order today.

If you Have a Dog this is What You Should know About Heartworms

Creepy, life threatening parasites, heartworms attack an animal’s heart and cause congenital heart problems if not treated in right time. Heartworms are transmitted from one animal to another, after one is bitten by mosquitoes. They are normally found in the right ventricle of the heart and the blood vessels in the nearby areas.

Adult female worms living in the heart of your pet produce millions of baby parasites that eventually circulate through the body of your pet. Sadly, when a mosquito bites one such infected animal, it actually sucks up the baby worms and transmit them to the next animal it bites. After a new animal is bitten by the heartworm carrying mosquito, the worms would start growing inside the newly infected animal.

After transmitting into the body of a new animal, it takes them around 6-7 months to grow adult and start reproducing. They can be detected only after growing adults. So, before diagnosis an animal lives with these extremely harmful worms for at least 6 months. They are mostly diagnosed through blood tests or X-rays.

As we know that heartworms can spread from animal to animal, it is very much necessary to use preventive measures to protect your cat. Veterinarians are recommending heartworm prevention for dogs across the world, the effect of heartworm in cats is also increasing. So, vets are also recommending prevention for cats.

To protect your pets from heartworm diseases you can take the following measures:

  • Puppies, reached the age of 8 weeks,  should be given a heartworm preventative.
  • Once they become 7 months old, even if your puppy is taking preventive medicine, they should be tested for heartworms.
  • Dogs should be tested on a regular basis every 2 to 3 years if your dog is given preventive medication every year.

For heartworm medications, check out the stock of Lambert Vet Supply. For quick delivery and the best quality products, you can rely on this online medicine supplier.

How Baytrill is an Ideal Antibiotic for Cats and Dogs

Used for treating microbial infections affecting prostate, skin, urinary tract, liver and respiratory system, Baytril is an antibiotic used to treat cats and dogs. Baytril needs a prescription from the vet and should not be used without consulting a veterinarian, as it could directly affect your pets. Here are some of the significant benefits of this antibiotic:

  • It is available in chewable form and multiple flavors what helps your dog to eat it without any difficulty.
  • Baytril is a perfect pick to treat bacterial infections in the urinary and GI tracts along with the ones affecting respiratory system.
  • It is effective to interact with bacterial DNA and remove it right at the root.

Baytrill works very simply and effectively as it roots out bacteria as a fluoroquinolone antibiotic. A special agent, fluoroquinolone interacts with bacterial DNA and disturbs their metabolism effectively to stop their growth. Ultimately, it results in their quick death and as a result the animals get cured in only a few days. How fast your dog is going to recover that depends on the severity of the infection. A minor infection is cured within a day or two while major infections will take a few days to cure. Irrespective of the recovery rate, you are advised to complete the prescribed medicines recommended by the vet as the discontinuing of the antibiotics abruptly is not a good idea.

Baytrill should not be given to the pregnant dogs and cats or those that are lactating. You should also avoid it in case you have given antacid, vitamins or dairy items to your pets. It can cause adverse reaction in pets and result in serious medical problems. Remember Baytril for Dog is no different from the one to be given to the cats.