Essential Dog Accessories You Need for Better Care of Your Dog

Parenting a dog is not an easy task and until you devote sufficient time, seeing a healthy and active dog is a bit challenging. To make your pet feel special, you need to take intense care of your pet and buy them the things they might require to supplement their day care activities. Some of these accessories may be extremely necessary while a lot others are needed to make their life convenient. Whatever the purpose is, it is important to get these accessories on priority. So, let’s know what accessories are important for dogs:

  • Feeding bowls and water bowls are one of the first things you need to get for your pooch. The size of the bowl would depend on the weight and size of your dog. It’s better not to buy the plastic ones, since they might get cracks and harbor bacteria. Instead, you should buy a steel bowl.
  • The next thing you would require is a collar and a leash. While buying one, you need to keep the size and strength of your dog under consideration. It is recommended that your dog’s collar bear an ID tag with your contact information. It will help you if your dog gets lost.
  • If you are living in one of those big cities, where dog poop can impose hefty fines on the owner, you need to buy the poop scooper. This will help you to abide by the law without restricting movements of your dog.

Along with these accessories, there are some more dog accessories you might consider essential for your dog. One of these items can be gravity refillable water dishes. Depending on the weather you live in your dog would require accessories like dog-sweaters and sweat shirts. In addition to this, you can get dog booties that protect your dog’s feet and pad.


If you Have a Dog this is What You Should know About Heartworms

Creepy, life threatening parasites, heartworms attack an animal’s heart and cause congenital heart problems if not treated in right time. Heartworms are transmitted from one animal to another, after one is bitten by mosquitoes. They are normally found in the right ventricle of the heart and the blood vessels in the nearby areas.

Adult female worms living in the heart of your pet produce millions of baby parasites that eventually circulate through the body of your pet. Sadly, when a mosquito bites one such infected animal, it actually sucks up the baby worms and transmit them to the next animal it bites. After a new animal is bitten by the heartworm carrying mosquito, the worms would start growing inside the newly infected animal.

After transmitting into the body of a new animal, it takes them around 6-7 months to grow adult and start reproducing. They can be detected only after growing adults. So, before diagnosis an animal lives with these extremely harmful worms for at least 6 months. They are mostly diagnosed through blood tests or X-rays.

As we know that heartworms can spread from animal to animal, it is very much necessary to use preventive measures to protect your cat. Veterinarians are recommending heartworm prevention for dogs across the world, the effect of heartworm in cats is also increasing. So, vets are also recommending prevention for cats.

To protect your pets from heartworm diseases you can take the following measures:

  • Puppies, reached the age of 8 weeks,  should be given a heartworm preventative.
  • Once they become 7 months old, even if your puppy is taking preventive medicine, they should be tested for heartworms.
  • Dogs should be tested on a regular basis every 2 to 3 years if your dog is given preventive medication every year.

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