Why You Need a Flea Treatment For Your Dog

Over the years, I have met people who consider you should get flea treatments only if your dog is infested with fleas. But, I would suggest you should be all prepared all the time if you want to see a flea free house. First of all, you need to have a close look at your dog and see if your dog is infested with fleas. If you are sure that your dog does not have fleas, you should be aware that some dogs are allergic to flea bites and a single flea bite can cause them to itch for a prolonged period of time. In such cases, the problem is we fail to find out the real cause unless there are many more bites.

If you think your dog is allergic to fleas, observe them closely, when they will be bitten by fleas, they would be able to point out the area of discomfort and in all probability, they would continue to scratch until they end up creating a sore. This is a painful experience for your dog and it can lead to infections if they end up making an open wound.

On an average, a female flea bites a dog twice a day and lays between twenty to thirty eggs. These eggs do not remain on your dog, rather as your dog moves, they will drop on your carpet, on upholsteries and bed too. Adding to this, a female flea stays with your dog for a couple of weeks, so by the time an adult flea leaves, she will have hatched her eggs on your dog’s body. By now I am sure, you have understood why you need a flea treatment for dogs. If you need one immediately, place your order on Lambert Vet Supply.



How to Keep Fresh Water Aquarium Clean and Clear

If you are thinking to get a pet and not yet decided what pet it should be, you can bring home some colorful fishes. They are less demanding  is limited and only regular maintenance is needed to see them healthy. But if you completely stop the maintenance activity, it may cost the life of your pet. Prevent cloudy and murky water getting a new filter and love them with all your compassion.

Add a filter

If your fish tank doesn’t have a filter, the water in the tank won’t remain clean for long. Dirt and debris will mount up in a few days and if it is not taken care of, the waste starts floating around. So, it’s advised to buy a tank filter to maintain cleanliness of your little pet’s enclosure.

Do not overfeed your fish

You can easily overfeed your fish. So, if you notice uneaten food in the tank after 5 to 10 minutes, make sure to scoop it out with a net instead of leaving in the tank. The best feeding routine for fish is little and often. Leftover food decomposes in the gravel and clouds the water. So you should always make sure your pet has fresh food and remove the excess food before it turns the bottom of the tank a mushy mess.

Maintain Algae

Green water is caused by algae. Maximum tanks have a few specks here and there and fish also like to peck this slimy substance. So, some amount of algae is fine if you are maintaining it well. Do not place your aquarium near a window and make sure you keep your tank lights on only for 10 – 12 hours a day.

To keep your fish tank free of various susceptible disease conditions you should get Fish Tapes. These capsules are for the treatment of of praziquantel susceptible disease conditions in freshwater, marine and ornamental aquariums.

How Deramaxx Helps in Relieving Arthritic Pain

Deramaxx is given to dogs to control pain and inflammation. It is primarily made to fight against one of the most common degenerative diseases, osteoarthritis. This nonsteroidal medicine is available as beef-flavored, scored, chewable tablets. It is helpful to relieve canine arthritis, specifically controlling chronic osteoarthritis. It is used to control pain associated with surgery or dental procedures. It is also used for the treatment of inflammation and stiffness as a result of health conditions such as hip dysplasia or arthritis. To avail Deramaxx, one needs to have a prescription from the veterinarian.

How it works:

Deramaxx is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), which belongs to the COX-2 inhibitor class of medications. It is different from other NSAIDs, because on the application of the recommended doses, it blocks the COX-2 enzyme, instead of the COX-1 enzyme. COX-2 enzymes trigger inflammation and further contributes to the increase of pain in arthritic joints. On the other hand, COX-1 enzyme is useful for many normal functions of the body.

Things you should know before administering Deramaxx

It is an FDA approved drug for dogs. Deramaxx is available as 25mg, 75mg and 100mg chewable, scored tablets. You should consult your vet if your dog has hives or an allergic reaction after taking medicines such as aspirin, SMZ/TMP or Rimadyl. In case your dog develops any of the following symptoms such as tenderness or discomfort, abdominal pain, bloody, nausea, black, or tarry stools, water retention, fatigue or lethargy, itching, a skin rash, yellowing of the eyes, or unusual bruising or bleeding, you should consult your vet without any delay.

Do not forget to share the status of your dog’s pregnancy, lactating state, bleeding disorders and heart disease with your vet. Tell your vet  if your pet is under any sort of medications. Give this medicine to your dog exactly as directed by the veterinarian.

These Varieties of EarthBorn Dog Food are Selling like Hotcake

Only a loving and caring dog owner can understand how satisfying it is to see a dog sleeping with its tummy filled. But, only a responsible and sincere dog parent knows the importance of nutritious food. To help them with the best varieties of food, Earthborn Holistic has introduced a chain of products, helpful to build and maintain your dog’s overall health along with supporting all body functions. A series of nature’s best proteins, fruits and vegetables are carefully sourced and processed with essential vitamins and minerals to supply your dog the healthy diet they need and the delicious taste they crave for. Here are some of the best Earthborn dog food, you should not forget to try:

Meadow Feast: Precisely made to provide unique nutrition for dogs with sensitive stomachs, this limited ingredient recipe is an excellent grain and gluten free alternative diet. With premium lamb meal as the single source of protein, it supplies high protein to help develop and sustain lean muscle mass and energy.

  • Puppy Vantage: The first one year of a dog’s life demands extra care and it is when you need to supply them with the best recipes found on earth. Puppy Vantage provides your puppy with essential amounts of DHA, wholesome carbohydrates, premium proteins and proper levels of calcium and phosphorus. This formula gives your puppy optimal nutrition and energy for their constant growth.


  • Primitive Natural: To satisfy your dog’s instinctual craving for animal nutrition, this recipe is made with turkey meal, whitefish meal and chicken meal. For physical well being and good health of your dog, this grain free recipe has no second.


  • Weight Control: Weight Control by Earthborn Holistic is an excellent tasty formula that reduces fat and calories in the daily diet of your dog without reducing the nutrients needed for maintaining optimal health. Its unique low fat, low calorie chicken formula will definitely keep your dog fit and healthy without fail.


  • Small Breed: It is often difficult to find a formula precisely made for small breeds. This particular recipe by Earthborn Holistic is thus specially made to meet their specific requirements. It is made for dogs weighing less than 20 pounds at maturity. Small kibbles, easily digested grains and antioxidant-rich vegetables and fruits support dogs through their long life expectancy.

Liver Diseases in Dogs and How to Deal With Them

How important a dog’s liver is? Is it as important as the kidneys, heart, lungs, brain? Yes, it is! Though it does not look big enough to be recognized easily and more significantly because of sitting motionless in the abdomen. But, in reality the liver is a very significant organ for your little canine friend. Liver helps in digestion and blood clotting and removes toxins from his system. It helps to break down drugs, stores vitamins and glycogen.

Symptoms of liver disease

  • Loss of appetite
  • Losing weight
  • Diarrhea or vomiting
  • Increasing thirst
  • Frequent peeing
  • Yellowish eyes, tongue or gums
  • Poop or pee with blood
  • Ascites

Causes of liver problems

Sometimes your dog may suffer from liver diseases due to aging. In some cases it is seen that liver diseases are genetic. But it can also occur due to infection or trauma in the liver. Some diseases and medications also are found responsible for liver diseases. However, there are certain other causes of liver disease which include issues with pancreas, diabetes, untreated heartworms and long term use of painkillers.

If your dog has any of the aforementioned symptoms, you should take him to the vet. The vet will ask you about what all he is having these days and also his medications. You may have to do blood tests or x-ray or even ultrasound to clearly understand what is happening with your dog’s liver.


The treatment for your dog is dependent on how soon you notice the problem and what caused it. The vet needs to see what damage has occurred to the liver.

  • You may need to change the diet to ensure he gets all the nutrients and calories required to support his liver.
  • Supplements such as Denosyl may help to recover the liver
  • Medications help to control liver problems. On the recommendation of your vet you may have to change the other medications of your dog.
  • For dogs with cyst and tumor, surgery may be an option.

How to Prevent

Liver diseases of dogs can be avoided if you are taking your dog to the vets for regular yearly check-up and vaccinations. Make sure you are telling your vet about all the drugs and supplements, your dog is taking. Avoid fatty food as much as you can and try to stop your dog from roaming in the areas where it may encounter with poisonous plants and insects.

Where to Buy Prescription Medication for Dogs

No matter how technologically advanced we have grown, finding the right stop to buy your pets medicines is challenging. Some of the online pet pharmacies practice unethical methods sending expire medicines while many of them replace the ordered medicines. But, at Lambert Vet Supply (LVS), you will be able to find a wide range of products to keep your pet healthy and happy. Owned and operated by the clinical veterinarians, Lambert Vet Supply is definitely a leading source of pet medicines, with majorly focusing on cats and dogs.

Lamberts Vet Supply Features:

  • Antibiotic medicines for dogs: LVS has a full line of high quality antibiotic medication for dogs including Betagen, Terramycin, Trizchlor, Clavamox, Minocycline, Amoxicilling and many others.
  • Dewormer for dogs: Panacur, Nemex, Drontal, Safeguard, Homeo Pet are some of the best dewormer available in LVS.
  • Antiseptic for dogs: Vital Chlor, Oratene, Etiderm Shampoo, Vital Hypoallergenic Shampoo, Calm Coat Benzoyl, Keto-Tris Flush and some more.
  • Urinary Tract Medication for Dogs: It is indeed a crucial task to find out a reliable medicine for your dog’s urinary tract infection. LVS supplies medicines like Homeo Pet Feline UTI+, Methigel, Crananidin and some more on recommendation by the vet.
  • Mouth and Dental Medication for Dogs: To maintain the hygiene of your dog’s mouth, you can choose your pick from a long list of medicines. Oravet, Petz Life, Vet’s Best, Greenies, Dentees Stars, Breatha Lyser are some of the best picks in this category.
  • Pain Medicines for Dogs: You can shop the best of the medicines available for dog’s pain from LVS. Glyco Flex, Rimadyl, Cosequin are some of the most renowned medicines that fight against diseases like arthritis and joint pain.

Now that you know about the availability of pet’s food in LVS, you can rely on us for any suggestion you need from pet pharmacists. You can follow the blogs for extended information on your dog’s specific health concerns.

Some Useful Tips to Use Milk Replacers for Puppies

For a new born, the love of its mother has no substitute. And the milk it gets to drink from its mother provides with best of energies. But, sometimes it is seen that a pup mother fails to feed its new born due to its biological reasons or its unavailability at that period of time. In such a situation the puppy can still grow up healthy, if it is taken care of properly. These days, a wide range of commercial puppy milk replacer is helping the dog parents to take proper care of their pups.

Feeding a puppy with bottle

First of all one should try to nurse their puppies under the real dog mother. At least for the first few days, try to help the new born to get some nourishment from its mother. The milk of a dog mother contains substances to protect the health of new born puppies. Whenever you decide to switch to bottle feeding, always go for a milk replacer or a milk replacer plus, made particularly for puppies. Make sure you are not feeding cow’s milk, goat’s milk or human infant formula to your puppy. (It is true that some of the milk replacers for puppies may contain similar ingredients.)

If you are picking the replacer for a new born, check the label of milk replacers to find out the suggested serving size. Feed your puppy(s) while it is lying on its stomach. Try to give them the natural feel of feeding on mother’s milk. Make sure you are feeding your growing puppies multiple times a day, and regularly weigh them three times a week to check if they are hitting their growth milestones.

While transitioning from bottle to the bowl

As you understand that it is the right time for your puppy to transition from bottle to bowl, gradually you can pour the milk replacer into the bowl. This is also the time when you would start feeding solid food to your puppy. Always go for the food which is made for the pup and not the adult ones. Be extra careful about the serving sizes.